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But can we make that assumption about people? And if somebody has a history of cheating, chances that they will cheat again are pretty high. Being in this kind of relationship can also hold you back from getting into your own healthy monogamous relationship, if that's what you're wanting , says Amelia. Rather than prioritise either relationship, they have elected to maintain the current state of affairs. All Programs People Schedule. Friday 28 September pm. The Affair. Share Facebook Twitter Mail Whatsapp. We all know that it takes two to tango but it usually takes three to cheat.

First up, why do people do it? Play Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. Audio Player failed to load. More Stories. Sun 3 Nov Sun 27 Oct These stories are for another time when I have drank plenty rum and black. Is there a solution I have no answers, not sure we ever will because the dynamics of male and female relationships in Africa especially for feminists woman and their so-called partners is not as straight as it could be.

For the whole duration of her marriage — yes. Go figure. Everybody knew, she knew everybody knew but she was unwilling to take the couragous step ofleaving her abuser — her husband for whatever the reasons. I have to say that I have been struggling to understand what feminism means these days? I am tempted to treat it as some frivolous nothing but I am waiting to be better informed. So please feel free to elaborate because I do not see it.

All you people struggling to know what feminism means, did you read what I wrote in the Forum discussion on the topic? Even you Ebenezer who specifically requested for the explanation? So to answer the question. Let me give you a couple of examples of actions that to me are anti-feminist. Being a leader in a work place and denying women maternal leave. K A, I hear you.

This is how I know feminists to feel. The question is, is this right? Leaving the man out of it for a second.

The Other Side of Infidelity - Dr. Kevin Skinner - TEDxRiverton

I quiet agree with you with respect to gender vs sex and the fact that the issues you raised in you comment above are ANTI feminist. Nana, riddle me this.

GoodLooking, romantic, a good listener, ambitious yet gentle, well versed in a wide range of issues, loving father, community leader, church leader insert whatever would make him as close to ideal as possible. Hell, most women would give an eye and a half to be with him.

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Or would you be bothered now that its closer to home??? Whichever ways, do you not think Double Standards evident??? Great post. Interesting topic. A mind field of opinion. Liberal politics where feminism is frequently lumped started out with a firm belief in sexual freedom.

‘Is it Anti-Feminist to Sleep with Another Woman’s Man?’ asks Guest Contributor Anna Saskin

I feel you Nana in your description of bell hooks encounter with her lovers other lover. It was selfish but liberalism was in part a revolt against the melting pot of socially imposed sameness and enforced community. It asks us to break out of our socialised notions of right and wrong including our socialised acceptance of monogamy and mono- sexuality.

In an age of shifting relationships where does one end and another begin? I think freedom is important to feminism and is also leading to some confusion about feminism as some of us resist arbitrary boundaries and labels while others try to impose them. People are just different sha. Thanks for weighing in MzAgams.

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Just to say the bell hooks anecdote was written by Anna Saskin. Ebenezer — Trying to understand your hypothetical scenario is doing my head in. Okay let me try and respond in brief. In these type of relationships, does our feminism privilege us over other women who are not feminists? We can choose to inhabit any or no traditional role as we see fit. We can choose what we want to do and how.

So then is it anti-feminist to take advantage of our privilege? This is such an interesting question! And sort of goes to the heart of the post. Is there a certain amount of lording over other women that comes from not being bound and therefore disregarding their feelings? I completely agree with Ebenezer Scrooge. Cheers mate. Does she betray feminism by not divorcing a cheating husband?


Of course that causes just as much debate. A more common scenario. How do we judge them? Are the standards we set for ourselves higher yet again Why? Are we setting ourselves up to fail? We all agreed already sex is about personal choice. Adultery and how a couple responds to it is also a personal choice.

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Feminism is about personal choice not right or wrong choice. Its all about ethics or morals as a woman or man do you wish to be faithful to your partner husband or wife or do you want to sleep with others. If your partner cheats do you understand and forgive and if the roles were reversed would you expect to be understood and forgiven. It goes both ways. All the possibilities mentioned are only get outs to dodge this question. My reasons:. My final point. It feeds into the polygamist culture. A man cheating on his wife is a form of abuse. Sure, men will cheat if they want to but why allow yourself to be the woman he cheats with?

Thanks Ekuba. I am in no way a saint in this.

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On the point of sisterhood, this one is tough. It almost assumes a homogeneity of views that is unlikely to be achieved as well as a constriction of individual freedom that is unlikely to be attractive for adult women. Your second point is also part of why I wrote the post. It seems some women do put weight on the personal as well as a reflection of political views. Which may be a symptom of ignorance of everything else feminism does. From some of the comments I get the impression that ppl think sleeping with the partner of a person is being anti-monogamy or anti-traditional relationship structures but that is not necessarily true.